Scholastic expeditions

‘Silicon Valley : Innovation in Action

Scholastic expeditions is an experiential education company that provides exceptional learning opportunities for students by organizing trips to the US. One of the modules offered by the company is ‘Silicon Valley: Innovation in Action “which is a 9 Day programme for schools

Some of the highlights are :

  • Workshops on Innovation and creativity –SanFrancisco – Visit Golden Gate Park / Bridge Tour of the city.
  • Fostering innovation workshop at Stanford University.
  • Interact with Guest speakers from Tech giants from Silicon Valley – Google / Facebook
  • Visit to a local high school
  • Trekking in Santa Cruz mountains – Beach visit
  • Visit university of California Berkeley and city tour of Berkeley
  • Workshop on US university applications.

The approximate cost for the programme is Rs. 2.75 lakh, it includesthe cost of air tickets and visa expenses as well as boarding, food, and transportation while in the US.Tentatively scheduled from 23 August to 31 August. Students from classes IX to XII who are interested kindly handover your name to the class teacher.

Priority will be given on a first come first serve basis.

The programme can be finalized only if a minimum of 18 students apply for the programme.