The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, to which it is affiliated. The medium of instruction is English.

Curriculum at Rajagiri Public School aims to be

  • Activity centered
  • Provides stimulating learning environment both inside and outside the class room
  • Cultivates an attitude of being compassionate towards nature and one’s fellow beings
  • Instills competence and confidence
  • Inspires a love for learning and intellectual vibrance


Class I – X

  • English
  • Hindi, Malayalam and French (Std. VI to X) are the additional languages, one of which can be dropped in Std. IX.
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Work Education
  • Home Science
  • Computer Science
  • Informatics
  • General Knowledge
  • Art Education
  • Moral Education
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Optional Subjects (co-curricular areas of study)

* Swimming is compulsory for Std. I-V
* Yoga is compulsory for Std. I-VIII

Class XI – XII


Group 1 (Science stream) :  English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
Group 2 (Science stream) :  English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
Group 3  (Science stream):  English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics
Group 4 (Science stream)  :  English, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Biology
Group 5  (Science stream):  English, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices, Biology
Group 6 (Commerce with Maths) :  English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics
Group 7 (Commerce without Maths) :  English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Informatics Practices,Economics
Group 8 (Humanities with Economics):  English, Business Studies, Psychology, Informatics Practices,Economics
Group 9(Humanities with Economics.) :  English, History, Psychology, Informatics Practices, Economics
Group 10 (Humanities without Economics.) :  English, History, Psychology, Informatics Practices,Home Science
Group 11(Humanities with Physical Education) : English, History, Psychology, Physical Education, Economics  / Home Science

Student Assessment


  • The academic year comprises of two semesters
    • Semester I – June to September
    • Semester II – October to March
  • Assessments and evaluations are essential to gauge the progress of the students and to encourage them to find their strengths and weaknesses. The method used to assess student progress varies according to the age group.
  • Students of Std. V-X are assessed as per the CCE format prescribed by the CBSE Board. This system of continuous classroom evaluations consists of oral and written class tests, worksheets, presentations, assignments, activities and projects.
  • The CCE format ensures a consistent and systematic approach to academics and enables the students to thrive in a stress free atmosphere at home and at school.
  • Students of Std. XI-XII are also continuously evaluated on the basis of their performance in the class tests and term exams in an academic year. Prior to the Std. XII CBSE board exam, a Model Exam is also conducted to equip the students to face the Board Exam with equanimity.
  • All promotions are based on the cumulative performance of the student in all the class and semester evaluations conducted during the academic year.
  • Therefore all students must ensure that they do not miss any of the evaluations.
  • Std. XI students must pass in both theory and practical’s separately in order to be promoted.
  • No retest will be given for any examination.
  • Decisions taken by School authorities with regard to promotion will be final and binding.