Extra / Co-Curricular Activities


Dance is one of the extracurricular activity offered by the school. Dance classes are compulsory for students of classes I to IV. In addition it is offered as one of the optionals for classes I and II. Students of classes V to VIII can choose one from among Dance, Music or Art.

In class I students are mainly taught the folk dance steps.

For class II the basic classical steps (Thattadavu) and folk dance steps are introduced. Along with this the Mudras both Asumyuktha Husthas and Samyuktha Husthas are taught.

Mudras, Navarasas and Slokums are taught in detail in classes III and IV.

The classes are planned in such a way that by the end of the year these students would be able to perform simple folk dances without inhibition.

Art & Craft

Art is the harmonious and luminous vehicle of thought while craft crystallize emotion into thought and then fix it in a definite form. The art and craft department of the school employs a method for the symmetrical formation of beauty and caters to the classes from 1 to 12. The students are allowed to opt for the subject. The department offers special coaching classes for those interested. The faculty members explore innovations in art and the students are taught a variety of painting techniques. They are trained to use different mediums to portray their artistic talents. Apart from these varied craftworks with paper, jute, ribbon, wool…and so on are taught. Training in needle craft and clay Modeling are also offered. Students participate in various external art competitions and bag prize and glories to the school.


The school offers a wide spectrum of co-curricular activities aimed at developing the talents and creativity of the students and to support classroom activities.

The co-curricular activities offered are as follows

  • Art and Craft
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Athletics and Games
  • Dramatics
  • P.T
  • Computer Studies
  • Literary Activities

Swimming is Compulsory for students of Std. I to V.
Yoga is compulsory for students of Std.I to VIII.


A number of co-curricular areas of study are offered as optional. Students can choose one of these optional in their category. The child must give his first choice and second choice to his/her class teacher. One of the choices will be allotted to the child.

It is advised that the student learns the same optional for at least three years.

A detailed list of the optional available has been provided alongside the Personal Record to make it easier for you to choose.

The following optionals are available in the school.

Std. I – II: Karate, Paper Craft, Classical Music, Dance / Organ.

Std. III – IV: Karate, Roller Skating, Paper Craft, Classical Music, Dance, Bongo Drums, Organ (Class IV only).

Std. V – VIII: Karate, Roller Skating, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Cookery and Needle Craft, Drama.

Std. VII – VIII: Will have one optional period in a week.