Total number of students appeared                  – 142 Total number of students passed                      – 142 Students securing 75 % and above                   – 140  A1 in all subjects                                               – 35                      Students securing 100 (centum) Computer Science  […]

Price of the text books 2018-19

Class                      With out Value Education            With Value Education STD I                      Rs. 1681.00 STD II                     Rs. 1605.00                […]

Scholastic expeditions

‘Silicon Valley : Innovation in Action Scholastic expeditions is an experiential education company that provides exceptional learning opportunities for students by organizing trips to the US. One of the modules offered by the company is ‘Silicon Valley: Innovation in Action “which is a 9 Day programme for schools Some of the highlights are : Workshops […]

School P T Uniform for Class I-XII (2018 – 2019)

FABRICS FOR UNIFORM Kameez for girls Shirting: EXECUTIVE chembrey shirting (Shade # dk. Grey APC) Rate : 141 per meter PANTS/SHORTS FOR BOYS AND PANTS/SKIRTS FOR GIRLS SUITING: 501 SUPER GOLD Fcy suiting (Shade # worsted grey) Rate : 271 per meter UNIFORM DETAILS (Wednesday uniform) T-shirt for boys for all classes and T-shirt for […]

SSFK-Student Science Festival of Kerala