‘Resonance‘ our annual magazine records the numerous and multifaceted activities undertaken by the school in an academic year. It also showcases the literary and cultural talents of our students.

The School publishes a quarterly newsletter ‘Rajagiri Times’ to chronicle all the activities of the school during that quarter.

The School also publishes ‘The Hall of Fame’ to place on record and congratulate students on their meritorious performances in the Inter-School, State, National and International arenas.

The school takes pride in inculcating a sense of social responsibility amongst its students. In this endeavour, the school promotes the ishare programme. Regular updates and project information is shared amongst students, teachers and parents through the regular publication of ‘ishare Newsletter’

Rajagiri TimesRajagiri Times

Each issue of Resonance strives – through every report, article, poem, painting, drawing and photograph to do just what its name suggests-resonate with the pride and glory that is Rajagiri.

Within the pages of Resonance you will find chronicles, in print and image, of all the red letter days in the Rajagiri calendar-days of joy, festivity, and achievement; you will find stories of outstanding achievers-students and teachers ever scaling higher peaks of triumph; and you will find, to enjoy and marvel at, the creative works, in word and drawing, of our best writers and artists.

‘Rajagiri Times’, is the official publication of the Parent -Teacher Association of Rajagiri Public School. It provides an avenue to highlight the achievements of the school and it provides a forum to express the creative writing talents of the parents, teachers and students. This Newsletter is issued quarterly.