The facilities in the Rajagiri Kindergarten are upgraded matching the present national and international standards.



Ball Pool


Activity Room

A full fledged activity room exists in the Kindergarten, with a TV system, DVD player and music system to give the children better means of learning.

Class Rooms




The classrooms in Rajagiri Kindergarten are organized and equipped in such a way as to encourage the child to touch, hear, taste and smell as these are the main ways of knowing the world with the help of the sense organs.

Computer Lab

A computer lab with the most modern PC’s is functioning in the Kindergarten. It is used to enable the children to handle the CD’S and play games on the computer. A good collection of CD’s catering to this particular age group is maintained in the Kindergarten. The children become familiar with the computer at a very young age itself.


A good collection of books for the kindergarten students is maintained in the library as well as in the classroom.

During the library period students are given story books to read. Students understand the story through the dramatization carried out by the teacher. The students are given a creative worksheet on the basis of the story read.