The teachers are carefully recruited with due weightage given to their academic qualification, professional training, experience and their attitudes towards children and teaching. After recruitment, the teacher’s performance is systematically appraised and the confirmation given strictly on the basis of the performance appraisal. As the school stands for academic excellence and achievement of the full potential of the pupils, the teaching staff consists of specialists in different subjects/fields. The selection of the teachers is conducted taking into account various aspects like communication skill, accent, expression, proficiency in co-curricular activities and above all the overall personality. There are 26 teachers and 19 members of the non-teaching staff.


Ms.  Shini Cyriac
Ms. Helen David Dixon
Ms. Usha Sivakumar
Ms. Ligy Mary Joseph
Ms. Achamma Mammen
Ms. Jyothy Menon
Ms. Preethy George
Ms. Bindu Thomas
Ms. Bini Juby Varghese
Ms. Asha Rajesh
Ms. Bindhu Jenzil
Ms. Sini Jayakrishnan
Ms. Geena Paul
Mrs.Deepa C.V
Ms. Antonitta Olivero
Ms. Savitha Rajeev
Ms. Jeshi Kodiyil
Ms. Sini Vishnukumar
Ms. Rajalakshmy V
Ms. Doris Katherine Fernandez
Ms. Deena Rebeiro
Ms. Sreenidhi K
Ms. Anjaly Ajayan
Ms. Christina Joice
Ms.Saiga Sukumar
Ms. Annie John
Mr. Ravi Vijay

Non Teaching Staff

 Ms. Lagi Joshy
Ms. Ancy Biju
Mr. Tibin Babu
Ms. Sumy Bijo

Ministerial Staff

Ms. Molly Johny
Ms. Beena Joseph
Ms. Jessy James
Ms. Mini Jacob
Ms. Seema Shajan
Ms. Shiny Rony
Ms. Reena Johnson
Ms. Mary Tresa
Ms. Rengitha C T
Mr. Paramasivan
Ms. Jessy Thomas
Ms. Ammini Kumaran
Ms. Marykunju Subhish
Ms. Aisha Beevi
Ms. Jibi Biju