Rajagiri Swimming Academy

Rajagiri Swimming Academy

Rajagiri Swimming Academy

When we talk about swimming as an activity, we often forget the facts to which swimming is related. Swimming can be called as the mother of all activities and games. This is because swimming is the only exercise, which gives total impact on all the muscle groups in our body. Through swimming you can avoid the exercise and can remain healthy. Another important aspect of swimming is that it doesn’t exert any negative effects on your body like joint pain, muscular strains etc. A regular swimmer can always remains healthy and active and he can always be an influential figure in his field of activity because this kind of person will be always energetic and thinks better than others. That why experts say that healthy body will contain healthy mind. In the present day life these things deserve a lot of importance because life has been changed a lot and people are not having healthy routine as they are running around to fulfill their own commitments. In due course, they ignore the healthy part and later on develop a lot of physical and mental ailments. So to avoid all such negative aspects one should always remain healthy and for this course, exercises are highly important. And when you consider about different exercises to be included in your daily routine, to remain healthy and active, then swimming comes in to picture as an important and efficient means to provide a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

When we consider swimming as a competitive sport it regains another level of enthusiasm because of the versatility of the training programmes as well as competitions which gives a lot of opportunities to swimmers to prove their mettle in different levels, and age groups. Apart from these, proven performers can achieve fame, money, job opportunities and admissions for higher studies in sports quota.

Other than all these aspects we can develop a good culture in to the building talents and can make them hard working, sincere disciplined and well behaved and can promote them as role models because one who possess these qualities will be good enough in Academics also. To develop all these good qualities as well as a spirited attitude we should provide students good facilities for Academics as well as Sports infrastructure.

As a move towards genuine infrastructure in swimming field, Rajagiri Swimming Academy has been introduced to students in the school.

Swimming pool arena which possesses an indoor facility can be easily one of the best swimming pools in India. The pool is maintained according to the International Swimming Association called FINA (Federation International de Nation). The equipment which we are using at the pool are of International standards. The swimming pool length is of International standards. The swimming pool length is of 25 meters and it possesses a width of 15 meters. The depth of the pool is 4 feet in the shallow end and 7 feet in the deep end. We have got the facilities to practice at night also. The pool is equipped with underwater lights to provide crystal clear visibility in water. The metal chalice lamp which we are using to lighten up the pool and adjacent areas is of truly international quality. The kids pool segment of the pool arena is a refreshing experience. Lower age group children are using the kids pool facility and we found them exploding with enthusiasm and pleasure while swimming and playing in that arena. So one thing we can surely say that our swimming pool is of true international standard and can match any of the indoor pools in the developed countries.

Coaching Schedule

The coaching Schedule at the Rajagiri Swimming Academy has been divided in to two main sections.

  • ‘Basic Learn to swim’ Programmes
  • Advance training

‘Basic Learn to swim’ Programmes

Basic Learn to Swim’ Programmes are meant to teach students the basics of swimming involving all technical aspects. In this particular period they will learn different skills Floating, Submerging, Breathing inside the water (Bobbing), Kicking, and Floating with leg action; arm action etc. students will be learning different strokes also in this phase. It is in this phase children become water friendly and starts learning towards mastering the art of swimming.

Advance training

This is the second phase of Swimming training programmes and this is the real phase in which an ordinary individual transforms in to a stronger, determined, spirited, aggressive and thoughtful individual. Trainees acquires more physical and mental strength due to different types of work schedule in swimming which stimulates our glands and thus stimulates our blood circulation through the various parts of muscle groups including the vital organs like Heart, Lungs and Lever etc. The increased blood circulation enriched with oxygen absorption through the workouts stimulates the brain cells and thus gives better agility and smart thinking. The toned muscle groups give a lot of energy to work without fatigue and thus an individual can perform his physical and psychological duties with much more precision and perfection. Advance training gives individuals the opportunity to show their mettle in different stages in the form of competitions. The different age groups in the swimming schedule give everybody a chance of getting accolades, if worked with sincerity. More over these things motivate students to do much better in studies and sports and make them a responsible individual.

To conclude all these observations we can say that these advantages have to be taken into account and that has to be utilized for the better future of the upcoming generation. We hope that Rajagiri Swimming Academy can also contribute towards this aim and we are very much focused to achieve a better prospect in the arena of producing exciting talents.