Student Council

In keeping with the democratic ethos of our country, the school conducts elections by secret ballot to elect the office bearers of the Student’s Council. Students who excel in academics, cultural and literary activities and have good leadership skills are nominated by the teachers and co-ordinators after a consensus is reached. The nominees compete for the posts of ‘The School Leader’, ‘Assistant School Leader’, ‘The School Sports Captain’ and for the posts of the Captains of the four Houses Indira, Shastri, Tagore and Tilak.

The Election Commission is a body which comprises of Co-ordinators and teachers nominated by the Principal. This body ensures that elections take place in a free and impartial atmosphere. This body also organises meetings of the student community like ‘Meet the Candidate’, ‘Reading of the Manifestoes’ and the ‘Investiture Ceremony’. The School elections are an unique opportunity for students to experience the democratic process first hand.

The Office Bearers of the Student’s Council are empowered to maintain discipline in the school by guiding the students towards positive behavioural change. The Office Bearers of the Student’s Council are encouraged to lead the students by setting examples of exemplary behaviour themselves.